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Do you perform keyword research?

We specialize in keyword research and use the best keyword tools available on the market! We provide you a Reverse ASIN report, related Amazon choice keywords, Amazon Smart Complete, and Longtail keywords. We weave keywords into your listing to bring organic search traffic to your page.

What does your competitor research entail?

We analyze your top competitors to see how your product is similar and superior to, their offerings. We identify ways to present your product most advantageously to persuade shoppers to select your product over competitors. This includes looking for keywords that they have failed to capitalize on.

Why should I choose you over your competitors?

We have crafted thousands of Amazon listings, and are very well-versed in keyword optimization, indexing and back-end search term fields as well as how to use the Browse Tree guide. All are critical to Amazon understanding when to show your product listing so that you can attract the most shoppers.

Will the article be SEO Optimized?

Yes, all the packages include SEO optimized articles.

On what Amazon niche do you write about?

We can write about a number of niches, but they all have one particular aspect in common--none of them bores me. I especially like tech and fashion.

Do you write for Adsense montized blogs as well?

Yes, We have also written many blog posts for google adsense monetized blogs.us for details!

what kind of content do I avoid writing on?

We usually write on all kinds of topics but I avoid cryptocurrency

What if I need more than one revision?

If you need more than one revision, you are welcome to let us know and We can send you through an extra for it.

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