Read This To Know “Google Screened” & Google Screening Process

Read This To Know “Google Screened” & Google Screening Process

09 May, 2022 posted by Aks

Would you like to know about the “Google screened” platform? It helps to display your business in the search engine with a star rating and get verified by google.

About Google screening platform

We need to understand local service ads to learn about Google screening. What are local service ads? Advertise your business with this service on the google search engine and attract your intended consumers. It allows consumers to connect with the right job, service, etc., they are looking for by displaying the suitable options on the search engine.
As its name suggests, it is a screening process that verifies your business profile and rating accordingly; your profile will show up on the google search engine with the star rating you get while screening. It helps the intended user contact verified and trusted clients they are looking for in the google search engine. We will discuss the google screening process, what local service ads do, and the marketing strategies are going further in this article.

How does it work?

Google launched google screened in 2019 to provide its users a platform to find the right and professionally skilled servicer provider industries or any other business categories with top-notch reviews and ratings to connect and approach work-related concerns. Firstly, Industries need to come under specific classes to get Google screening.
Certain things need to be fulfilled to start with Google local service ads and accept google invitations. Once you receive the invitation, log in to GLS at local service ads, or enter the google local service ads; you will find the link right at first and click on it and then sign in by selecting the google account you want to use.
Once you choose the google account, you will continue to come across a status dashboard that shows the criteria or checkpoints that need to be completed to go live with local service ads. Click on the start option in front of the checkpoints; you need to complete and get started with Google screening.
This is how the google screening works; the license and background check that we do during opting for google local service ads is called google screening. Once you are done with all the verification processes, your business account will be verified by google itself. It shows on the google search engine, displaying your info with a check box tick marked and written google screened next to it. It leaves a significant impact on the consumers. As people always look for trustworthy clients, google screening puts a feather on your cap.

What are its benefits?

Your business’s local service ads will show up on the search engine. Google screening process verifies your business and confirms the background check if required according to the business category, which makes your business trustworthy in the market.
It is essential to know that professionals who do not have their business and service industry screened by google are not eligible for local service ads. These ads will show up on the top search engine list with Google screened tick marks, which significantly impacts business expansion among all types of clients.
Reviews and ratings have always been pivotal points to success in LSAs. Businesses and industries need to get high star ratings than their competitors to ensure high-quality services in the market. They even ask for reviews from their existing clients, which enhances the trust level of the service provider business and industries.
Retain your older clients by verifying your service provider industry or business profile by Google. As Google screened, service provider business gets verified by google itself; the top trusted search engine builds trust with consumers increasing traffic on your website.

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Marketing Strategies

Google screening helps professionals with local service ads, but it has proven to be one of the best marketing strategies for professionals like realtors, legal law firms, lawyers, etc. However, one cannot plan the business marketing only by getting Google screened certificate; yes, it is one of the platforms which helps you with quality Esurance and get traffic on your website. Still, there are other aspects that you need to keep in check for better marketing strategies, like designing a better professional website.
The first impression is the last; consumers who visit your website notice your website interface and design first and then go through the content and services you are offering. Hence maintaining a website from time to time will help you a lot as if the website you have designed does not grab the consumer’s attention, they will not go through the content in it and immediately look for other well-prepared websites.
Communication with older and new clients are must to build and continue the business relationship. Social media marketing, email marketing, etc., help constantly update your clients about the achievements and skills you have gained from time to time.


Verification or screening processes are something that every company or industry goes through to ensure the quality of their services and products among the users and showcase their skills and value in the market. Google screened makes it easier for professional industries or service providers to leave an impeccable remark among their users by reflecting their business profile in one of the top search engines, Google, with verified marks. One must maintain the quality over the period. Google back you up with this verification, which means any mistake done by your business or professional work that causes damage to the client will be taken care of by Google itself, as the client has selected you from google ads. So this way, google screened professional service providers to gain an audience and clients.

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