How long is 500 words? How To Write 500 Words In 30 Minutes?

How long is 500 words? How To Write 500 Words In 30 Minutes?

02 Jun, 2022 posted by Aks

Word count for Blog articles is one of the checkpoints for bloggers while writing blog posts and articles. We will learn how long the blog articles should be and their importance in getting traffic to our websites.

How long is 500 words?

Regardless of content and format, we always think of the word count we should hit whenever we write any article. Should we keep it short or present it in a long-form, which happens with every piece we write.

Content marketers, bloggers, and writers always wonder about the ideal word count we should hit irrespective of the article we write.

I have come across this topic recently while writing about something and thought about how many words for an article is enough; I mean, it can differ from topic to topic; however, what should be the minimum word count we can keep for an article.

I have researched it, and here we will discuss how long the articles should be, why the length of the article matters, and which content grabs more attention long format or short length content.

How long your article should be?

How long are 500 words or 1000 words or 1500 words for an article? Word count differs according to the type of content we choose to write, and it depends upon how much information you are sharing through your article. If you are writing an article that can be a short piece, including all the required information but still trying to add words to make it long and effective, this will diminish the relevancy of an article and content.

Word count matters only if your content is vital. It does not matter if you write an article of 2000 words, but the content is weak and non-informative. Readers will continue reading our article if they find it relevant by just reading the first paragraph of your article.

Understand the requirement of an article, how much information needs to be shared, and check if you do not include unnecessary phrases or texts in your article, which is not required. Readers often like the article, which shares the information in cut-to-cut format but includes all the required details.

Remember word count matters only if the content is relevant and the subject you have chosen is of high quality and addresses your reader’s concerns and solves their problems.

For example, if you are writing about Gardening, your word count can go from 1000 to 1200 words; similarly, if you are writing tech-based content, you might finish your article within 1000 words. Word count differs for different types of content.

Does word count matter?

When we write an article, we look for quality content, subject matter and links, images which we post the way we present and share information, these are the checks list which we tick mark when we write an article, and there are many more and word count is one of the checks lists, we make sure to check. An article can be long until it covers the topic of the article in depth.

How long are 500 words for an article on Gardening? Is it enough? Is it sufficient to describe all the necessary information related to any tech product within 1000 words? I don’t think so when we talk about these subjects like the technical product, finance and investments, sales etc. we cannot just write about these topics within 1000 words. If we try to do so, we might miss some of the key points necessary for your readers to read the article.

Short length content also works if the content you are sharing is of good quality in detail. The 500-word article also works based on the subject requirement.

Word count is not a ranking factor; it is just a checkpoint to maintain the relevancy of your article by avoiding out of context information in your article and sticking to the topic of the article.

Evolution of word count over the years

People believe that long-form content does well in the industry and gets more shares and likes from people. To some extent, it is true; people believe that the content with a word count of more than 2500 is relevant and contains the information required and attracts traffic to the website stated by the research conducted to find how many words are enough for an article.

Long-form content gains more traffic and shares because it presents the content with depth; going through each subject and elaborating it in detail helps readers get all the information in one place.

For an article with quality content, word count doesn’t matter. People often don’t read the complete article you write, they read the first six lines, scan the bullet points, and check headers and sub-titles.

People don’t get satisfied with the short form of content; they have this mindset that the content which is not long might not contain the information about the subject. Hence, readers don’t get satisfied with the short form of content; they always look for the content which is long enough whether they read it or not; that’s the different factor.

Apart from this psychological reason, there is one more reason why people think longer content performs more in the industry; longer content contains more backlinks. However, there is a negative correlation between word count and backlinks. People don’t read the whole article, which means if people don’t read your article thoroughly, you won’t be getting links.


A quality article never fails to grab the attention of its readers. People read to gain knowledge, solve their problems, and answer their questions. If you provide what your audience needs, you are on the right path with your content.

Word count is one of the checklists we keep in check while writing an article. It also helps not to overwrite an article. Suppose your subject requires more than 20,000 words; it’s fine until and unless you do not include unnecessary and out-of-context information just to keep your article long. How long are 500 words for an article or 1000 words? It ultimately depends upon the subject you have chosen to write about and its detailing.

According to the research which we have done among our readers, we found that it is always better to get a quality audience by offering quality content. These days people don’t judge an article by its length; instead, they look for the content and relevancy.

But it is always better to check all the key points to get traffic on your website as it is the main wheel of the cart to move further in this industry.

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