Ways to Create Engaging Facebook posts

Ways to Create Engaging Facebook posts

05 May, 2022 posted by Aks

Attract traffic by learning how to post on Facebook. You can make Facebook posts more engaging by following a few effective but effortless techniques, which we will discuss further.

Facebook Posts

Earlier, we used to access social media platforms to create personal accounts to share messages and connect through posts; however, it has become much more than that. We create social media accounts for marketing, business publicity, branding, selling, etc. For content creators, marketers, advertising agencies, and business people, it has become the most used platform.

Hence, making Facebook posts more relevant and constructive is a crucial requirement to increase traffic on your posts, increasing the reach and visibility of your brands and content to your intended audience.

The most crucial question here is how to post on Facebook more effectively? Which we will discuss further.

How to post on Facebook? Here Are The 9 Ways

First and foremost, make sure that you post content relevant to your audience. The post should be informative, and your content should help your intended users or audience to learn, grow and reach their goals.

It should be helpful for them and related to their interests. For example, if you have a business account for Electronic devices, in that case, your content should contain information about electronic devices. You need to know how to post on Facebook about your new upcoming gadgets in the market, their relevance, and benefits to our society, what are the pros and cons of it, and you need to post more about the current market and new launches.

It will help users to gain more knowledge about the things they are trying to purchase or your product benefits; this will make them share and follow your Facebook page for more related content like this, and you may get ads related to your partner product which helps you to increase traffic on your Facebook posts.

Know your Audience

Know your Audience
Know your Audience

Knowing your audience and their interests are vital to improving your posts’ engagement. People always look for newness and creativity, along with the content.

We have many Facebook accounts/pages related to one subject; for example, we have thousands of Facebook accounts/pages for cooking-related content; now, how do we stand out in this crowd. You need to be creative with your content, and you need to focus on what users want and what they are looking for.

Tools like Facebook Audience Insights, Google analytics, etc., can help you get to know your intended users better. Facebook insights can help you to find out what your users are following on Facebook and what content they like the most; you can look likes, shares, and comments graph of your users through Facebook insights.

With these tools, you can have an idea about how to post on Facebook about your content and ideas and how creative you can be with them to present it with novelty in front of your audience.

Keep it short and straightforward

Most Facebook users are minimalist, and you will see Audiences of all ages, so your content, captions, text, and posts should be accessible and understandable to them.

And mainly use social media on our mobile apps, which makes it inconvenient to read extended captions and texts. Hence would suggest keeping your texts and caption short and straightforward. Make sure you convey the required information with one effective post and two sentences; this will help users avoid inconvenience caused by scrolling back and forth.

Be timely on the news updates

It is vital to share current events on time. People look for freshness and uniqueness in any content, and users like to share ongoing news more often with their friends. Posting new updates and keeping up with current news helps gain more relevance and visibility among users.

Keeping up with trends and seasonal content timely will help you deliver content as per users’ requirements. Creating events and contests related to any ongoing trends can create buzz among the users related to your products and brands, hence it is crucial to know how to post on Facebook about current events in what timely manner.

Add Humor to your posts/texts

Users often like humorous content where they can have fun and content simultaneously. You can use some humor in the photos you post or texts. Often people use Facebook and scroll through the pages in their spare time; they don’t spend much time reading texts which don’t seem attractive to them; adding a little humor to the posts and texts will help you grab your user’s attention and they might share it with their friends which will help you to grow your audience.

Also, we need to understand that it is not suitable for every Facebook post or account. For example – if your account or post is more related to social causes or NGOs, then it would not be relevant to make any humor on that subject. On the other hand, for accounts related to cooking, creativity, any brands like Pepsi, etc., you can use humor or fun posts to attract a crowd to your Facebook posts.

However, you can use funny and humorous content for a professional account, but again it entirely depends upon the users; you should know how to post on Facebook according to the users interests and analyze users’ engagement on it.

Make short videos

Make short videos
Image Credits – vizz.co

Facebook posts should contain more videos, as it is significantly less time-consuming and engaging. No one goes through the caption for all the posts they see on your Facebook feed; if they find the image and video attractive, in that case, they might go through the caption or text you have written for your posts.

Going alone with long captions or texts for posts would be bad. So then, how to post on Facebook?

Here is a suggestion, the first thing that attracts users to your posts is the images and videos you post, the quality of the image and video matters as 56% of users of Facebook are engaged in videos according to the graph of views, shares, and likes.

The video should be short and relevant to the content. You need to post videos or photos along with texts of around 100 characters, see users’ engagement on your posts, and work accordingly.

Announce contests and giveaways

contests and giveaways
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It is always good to offer giveaways and contests for the users as it increases Participation. Contests allow users to participate and understand your brand or product, and giveaways will help you bring users more often to your account or posts.

Also, it enhances the reach and visibility of your products and brand among the audience, understand how to post on Facebook about your products and services through. Once they like your concepts and giveaways, users can recommend their friends to participate so you can have more crowd engagement.


Start conversations

You can create buzz about your posts and contents among users by giving a shoutout in your comments and replying to relevant comments—acknowledging users’ concerns and feedback on the comments section.

Appreciating users for their Participation, asking questions, and running challenges will keep your users engaging. This way you can have a conversation with your users which will help you understand their interests in a better way.

Keep consistency and variety in your posts

Keep consistency and variety in your posts
Image Credits –
Hootsuite Blog

Consistency is one of the critical aspects of growing traffic on Facebook posts. You cannot just post relevant content occasionally. You must be consistent with your time of posting. Make sure you post daily at least two to three posts. This will help you be in sight of the users.

People don’t follow or like the posts, they see occasionally. If they see posts that consistently keep them updated with relevant information and updates, they like and share those posts too and even save them.

Hence, we can say consistency is the key to success. Also, be aware that you do not overdo it, don’t exceed the no. of posts as it can affect the relevancy of the posts and account.

Another essential part of your posts should be variety. Serving various content in your posts will help you engage all types of audiences.

It doesn’t mean that you go out of your context and choose content for your post; you must be more creative and innovative on how to post on Facebook without being out of context.

These ways will help you make your Facebook posts more effective and gather a crowd. Facebook is one of the powerful platforms; we need to know how to utilize it for our benefit. To increase likes, comments, shares, and engagement on your posts, you need to make your posts shareable; it should be a mix of texts, videos, posts, and informative content; add little creativity to it, and before everything, analyze what your audience need and their interests.

Having your voice and ideas on your posts will make them more original which will help you to stand out in the crowd. Analyze Facebook metrics, make strategies, and engage with your audience to grab attention. Check the above ways to increase traffic on your posts and make the most of them.

Here we come to the end of our article. I hope it helps you; please do comment if you have any questions we would love to answer.

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