Discover the leading Instagram IG tools

Discover the leading Instagram IG tools

30 Apr, 2022 posted by Aks

Find out the top Instagram analytical tools that are IG tools that help you analyze growth and activities on your Instagram profile.

About Instagram Analytical tools

Instagram is the fourth most widely used social media platform globally, with 1.386 billion active accounts. It has users of all ages; according to the survey, 35% of Instagram users are people aged from 25-to 40 and have personal and business accounts. People have different types of accounts on Instagram, and a few of the which roar in the Insta world are related to traveling, health, lifestyle, business, etc. It needs a lot of effort to maintain an account and make it a success; this is where the IG tool comes into the picture to make it effortless and easier for creators.

For marketing, creating posts and content, for advertisements, one must know what their audience wants and what their interests are. Also, you need to find which content and posts drag more attention from users. To track this information, we have Instagram analytical tools developed that help maintains the look and feel of the brand and consequently improve the performance of your Insta account ad make it more admirable.

Best IG tools

True Fan

True Fan
Image Credits – True Fan

TRUE FAN is a social intelligence platform that helps users check their followers’ engagement, what is trending, and what the contents are, driving more conversation among their followers.

It enables the screen reader supporter to analyze like comments and saves activities on your account. It tells you which post and content are getting more traffic for your brand by showing the analysis via graphs and numbers. It allows you to build up a relationship with your followers which increases ambassadorship and fan loyalty for your account.

It is one of the most used IG tools in 2022, and It is available for free, and you can connect five Instagram accounts to the TRUEFAN app.

Adobe Rush

Adobe Rush
Image Credits – Adobe

Most viewers or users get attracted to the account with radiant and premium video/image quality. The first thing that makes your content noticeable is the packaging with which you present your content/brands to the users.

Many marketers use this strategy; a brand needs to look attractive or presentable before sharing or selling it to the users. And most beauty, health, and lifestyle traveling accounts use this tool to enhance the picture quality of their posts, as this is what fascinates their users the most.
When we use this tool, ADOBERUSH is one of a kind IG tool that help you edit your videos and images, making them more captivating directly on your phone, and it has a preset to format it for stories and sped posts.

It will help you turbocharge the following requests on your Instagram account by offering top-notch color panels and presets.
As an add-on, it helps you with three video experts in the beginning for free.

Display Purposes

We have talked about improving video quality and gathering followers’ engagement rate on our account; now, what is that third element that can help you increase your content’s reach to your audience. The one thing we never forget to use in our captions is HASHTAGS#; this is how you can reach out to your audience and make your place in the crowd.

The more hashtags you use, the more visibility you get, but that doesn’t mean you add irrelevant hashtags not required for the content you are posting. This IG tool will suggest to you the popular hashtags that suit your content that can drive traffic and increase the visibility of your posts while keeping your targeted audience in check.

It is free of cost, and you don’t even need to sign up for this; it is the best choice for the people who are starting up business and marketing accounts. It will help you drag users faster and understand the interests of your intended audience.

Instagram Analytics

Instagram analytics
Instagram analytics

This IG tool is simply available in your Instagram account under the insights tab. Go to the menu icon on the right of your profile and click on the insights tab; this will open the analytics for your creators or business profile.

This Instagram analytics tool helps you understand what interests your audience the most and know who your consistent followers are. It tracks likes and comments on your posts and analyzes your follower’s behavior and patterns. It helps you make constructive decisions and strategies to turbocharge your Instagram account.


Image Credits – GLEAN.IO

We have learned about the apps which help with hashtags, analyzing followers’ engagement with the posts and their interests. The other thing that drives traffic to your posts and increases your followers is contests, giveaways, and challenges.

Often people use this strategy for marketing; people must know and trust your brand, content, and value. This way, you showcase your product and brand to the people without any cost and, in turn, gain followers and engagement on your account.

These IG tools help you run a contest and track the entries and submissions by the users. You can analyze how many people participated, understand what contest drives them the most, and work accordingly.

It makes the entries seamless and helps you pick winners, making it more accessible and effortless. Hence, I recommend this app for business accounts, as it takes less time and effort.



Image Credits – BIG VU

Not all people are camera-friendly, and this should not stop you from creating content for your followers. Here, we will talk about one such IG tool named BIG VU, a teleprompter app that helps you add scripts and shoot your videos.

It’s ok if you do not want to be in the video, but you can give your voice to it; through this app, you speak in your video without physically being in it. It also allows you to add captions, making your video more engaging and inclusive to your followers.

It is available for free, which offers five video clips per month, and if you want to upgrade, you can do it too at the price of $9.99 per month, including 10 video clips and other features. It is one of the most used IG tools by Instagram users who like to create videos to share their content, brand, and product.


Image Credits – Mentionlytics

As the name suggests, it tracks the mentions of your brand name. People always beware of their and their brand reputation, and they often follow comments of their followers to analyze the positive and negative aspects of their creation. Mentionlytics helps you know how many people saw mentions of your brand name; it tracks engagement, including likes, shares, and comments.
It analyzes and creates daily and weekly reports for you and helps you with the data in pdf or excel format, making it easier to track the value of your brand in the Instagram world. It will help you make a strategy accordingly to increase followers in your account by turning dissatisfied users into satisfied ones.


Why hustle when we have services available in the form of Tools. IG tools have been beneficial in maintaining Instagram accounts, especially for business purposes. These suggested tools are used by famous Instagram accounts and business-like uber, Stanford university, etc. We recommend you try and see how it helps you create a successful Instagram account and Brand name.

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