NEW YEAR RESOLUTION IDEAS FOR 2021 – Making the New Year Your Best Year Yet


How has the past year (2020) been for you and yours?

I carried out an imaginary survey and came to the conclusion that almost everyone when asked this question will give the same answer. 2020 was a daunting year for majority of us around the world particularly because of the spike in deaths, crimes and violence following the pandemic and its accompanying quarantine myths.

But I bring you good news. It’s the New Year and you have the chance to make it what you will.  The practice of New Year resolutions is an age long tradition

Want to know how to make this year your best year yet? Then start off the year with any of these New Year resolution ideas from our curated list below.

  1. Get In Tune With Your Spirituality

This may not be ideal for everybody but if you’re a spiritual person, this may be the best time to tap more deeply into your spirituality.  To do this, you may decide to pray more often, engage in religious activities, read religious books and whatnot.

  1. Be Thankful

Practicing gratitude is a good way to remain thankful for the beautiful things, wonderful people and great achievements in your life.  Get a gratitude journal and whenever something significant happens in your life (or even the very little things that may seem insignificant), write them down in your gratitude journal to keep tracks of all the wonderful things that are sure to happen to you in the New Year.

  1. Practice Self Care and Self Love

You deserve all the love and care in the world and a huge percentage of such love and care should come from you. When you love and care for yourself as you ought to, your self esteem will substantially increase and you will exhume confidence wherever you go.

  1. Learn a Skill

It’s never too late to learn a new skill or any of the many life skills available out there that will improve your overall living.  The knowledge and skill of swimming may come in handy sometime in your life and learning it may help with your phobia of waters if you have such.  You can also learn to drive, cook, and learn computer skills to be in vogue with this tech age, or go for a new language.

  1. Build Your Talent

Are you a good pianist? Do you dance?  Does your voice resound like a thousand choral angels when you sing? Do you have a knack for fixing damaged stuff?  Does cooking delicacies come natural to you?

There are many television shows, poster info and more centered on seeking out and building new talents through paid competitions, job offers, ambassadorial deals and lots more.

Quarantining and working from home due to the pandemic taught us that regular corporate jobs may be snatched from us just as soon as they were given to us (and this is no quarantine myth).  But our talents are with us forever and so you should make efforts to build your talents and commercialize it if you will.  But you can also work on your talents just to get better at them and for the fulfillment that comes with being the best at something, with no monetary string attached.

  1. Take the Risk

Trying new things like starting a new business or moving to a new City may seem scary but are often times worth the risk. Make 2021 the year you take the big step financially, in your career or business venture, education and relationship-wise.

  1. Incorporate Fruits in your Diet

Natural ways of boosting immunity is necessary for a healthy living and while we’re taking physical care to stay safe during the second wave of the pandemic, it’s crucial we stay healthy and not neglect our internal body systems this New Year. Fruits and vegetables are packed with nutrients excellent for boosting immunity to keep our immune system strong and sound to fight off any disease or illness.


if you’re new to new year resolutions it’s better to start small take it slow like set out goals that may not really upturn your life – if you’re scared of major changes – until you’re ready to go all out with a bang. Nonetheless, our list of resolution ideas will fit into your new year bucket lists and plans whether you’re a newbie or an old timer


Gilbert Makiling

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