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Have you lost ranks during the last core updates? Do you know what happened? what works right now to fix them?

  1. Disavow all UGC links that point to you
  2. Build non-ugc links

in this service we offer 100% non-ugc links. Order today and fix your ranks.


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What are UGC links?

Google recently announced that they’d be introducing two new link types: Rel=”sponsored” and Rel=”ugc.” 

These will be the first attributes introduced since nofollow which surfaced over 15 years ago now. Naturally, this is a hot topic for Webmasters and link builders. So, what is the update? What’s on a need-to-know basis? And more importantly, how will Google’s link update affect the way you build links to your website?

We’ll explore below.

Google’s Link Update: What You Need to Know

In case you missed this update, the two new link types will help Google to identify how certain links have been acquired.


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