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There is a new Boss in town. Semrush started dominating the SEO tools for some time already. So, why not get yourself backlinks that Semrush says are good, right?

In this plan, get backlinks that Semrush says are coming from quality domains, Domains which are having 5000+ ranking keywords

Isn’t that amazing?

Order this unique service from us today.




Get backlinks from domains that have tons of ranking keywords

Who are we fooling, Google got smarter and smarter.

You can build tons of backlinks, but if these come from domains that have 10 to none ranking keywords, your links are as good as dead.

Instead of ranking you, they`ll drag you down

In this plan, we`ll build backlinks from domains that have tons of ranked keywords.

Here are the options we are offering:

  1. 2500+ links from domains that have  100+ ranking keywords
  2. 1500+ links from domains that have  1000+ ranking keywords
  3. 1000+ links from domains that have  2500+ ranking keywords
  4. 500+ links from domains that have  5000+ ranking keywords
  5. Professional clean-up service to clean your link profile from dead/banned domains.

The same price for each option, Choose your plan in the above form, and let’s kick some ranks.


  • Get an instant response in your SERPs and ranks for your keywords
  • Increase website authority
  • Improve your link base and reduce the dead domains ratio in your link profile

And there is more

We are also offering professional clean up, to clean all your link profiles from the dead, banned, and penalized domains that link to you

Do you want a full service, check out with us


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