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NEW! Gmaps strategy to rank well in the Google Business, using the ZIP Codes strategy.

Rank faster and safely in the Gmaps and grab yourself more local business and leads.

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New proven method to rank in the gmaps safely and in a fast turnaround time using the ZIP Codes of your local area.

We will gather all the ZIP Codes from your Local area of interest and use them in the Citations process.

We will include GMAPs zip code wise

The title of Links will be built like this:
Local keyword 1 Zip Code 1 – Your Brand Name
Local keyword 2 Zip Code 2 – Your Brand Name
Local keyword 3 Zip Code 3 – Your Brand Name
Local keyword 4 Zip Code 4 – Your Brand Name
Local keyword 5 Zip Code 5 – Your Brand Name
Local keyword 6 Zip Code 6 – Your Brand Name
Local keyword 7 Zip Code 7 – Your Brand Name
Local keyword 8 Zip Code 8 – Your Brand Name

Main Keyword (ZIP CODE) – Brand Name

We will create around 1300 total links, including Tier 1 (the zip codes citations links) + Tier2, content marketing and other diversified links, to reinforce the Zip citations links.

This method is not used in the general SEO world, as it’s the product of our own in-house research.

You will receive full reports in 7 days time

Your GMB Ranks will increase!

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