What Is Zoom And How Many People Can Be On Zoom At Once?

What Is Zoom And How Many People Can Be On Zoom At Once?

03 Jun, 2022 posted by Aks

Zoom, a highly used web conferencing platform globally, has many features to offer. Scroll down to know how many people can be on zoom during meetings and webinars. 

How Many People Can Be On Zoom meetings?

Zoom meeting app is a software-based conference room provided to meet online. It is widely used by people from various sectors, whether for educational purposes, business purposes, for a casual catch up or huddle or training, etc. 

During a pandemic, it has been the most secured, reliable communication platform for webinars, online events, phone calls etc. It helps you with many other features apart from video and call, such as the chat option; you can even share your screen using the screen sharing option.

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Zoom video communications Inc. is an American communication technology company founded by Eric Yuan on January 25, 2013. Since then, it has experienced various up and down customer usage stats. As it was not the only platform available for online meetings, it has competitors.

The most crucial question is how many people can be on zoom, as like the zoom app, other platforms offer several features for online communication. It allowed 25 participants when it started and slowly increased the number of participants; nearly 100 people could join the meeting using Zoom. 

Let’s learn how can we access the Zoom online meeting platform. As we know, it is easy to operate, which is one of the key points which makes it more usable among the people. 

It helps you with many other features apart from video and call, such as the chat option.  You can either join the zoom meeting using the provided link by your host or even host a meeting.

Let’s understand how we can join a Zoom meeting. Firstly it is available for both computer and mobile, and you will be receiving an email with the meeting link or the meeting ID and password.

The first way to join is to click on the provided link, allowing zoom the app to be downloaded on your computer or mobile phone if it’s not there. Once it is completed, you can click on it and select open. The app will request you to enter your name, and once you do that, click on join meeting and, yes, select join with computer audio to activate sound settings.

What if you do not receive the meeting link and instead get just the meeting ID and password? In that case, enter Zoom.us in the browser and click on join meeting. It will open the page where you need to enter the meeting id and password. Once you enter both the credentials, you can click on join.

Coming to the part where we will learn how to host a zoom meeting. To host the zoom meeting, we must ensure that the Zoom app is downloaded to the computer. You can use this link to download the app. Click on the link and click on download. Now you need to wait for the app to download on your computer. To host a meeting, we need to sign into the Zoom app. Click on sign in. You can use any account – a google account or a Facebook account to sign in. Once you sign into the Zoom app, it will take you to the home page and avail you with features like new meeting, share screen, schedule meeting, and join options. You can either launch an instant meeting or even schedule it for future events; how many people can be on zoom depends on your subscription. If you are using it for free, you can have up to 100 participants for more; you need to upgrade your zoom app.

Beneficiary facts

Zoom launched with many features and plans. Chat option, screen sharing, scheduling meeting, instant meeting organizer, and the handy feature that drags more customers to the Zoom app is that it allows up to 100 participants in each meeting. You can even upgrade it by options for large meeting add-on plans.

When launched, it offered 25 participants in a meeting. Gradually it increased, and now even offers to add in affordable subscription plans.

It makes it more productive for users by providing an interactive whiteboard, content sharing platform, a wide range of video conferencing, live chats etc.

Usage statistics observed

Zoom is experiencing 300 million daily active users to date, and this remarkable growth has happened in 2 years of the span. Within the month of its launch, it saw 400 000 people actively using the Zoom app, but the game changed during the pandemic when zoom declared the milestone it had achieved of 300 million usage participants. 

In 2020 Zoom app was downloaded 485 million times, and in 2021, it showed a net income of $995.7 million, costing each share $3.34. Consisting of 504,900 business customers, it has shown over 303 trillion annual meeting minutes with 45 billion minutes of webinars every year.

How many people can be on zoom
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There are a few calculations through which we can draw the usage statistics of Zoom. Annual meeting minutes, Annual webinar minutes, Daily meeting participants, how many people can be on zoom, business customers, Active subscriptions, Phone users, an App marketplace, Customers who are contributing more than $100k, and apps downloaded throughout the year in both computer and mobile phone.

Zoom hosts 3.3 trillion annual meeting minutes each year, which are calculated by multiplying 12 with the total minutes from the quarter’s final month. In October, it has experienced tremendous growth of 65% as in July; Zoom hosted 2 trillion annual meetings. According to the sources and research, we have observed that the Zoom app has only witnessed growth in terms of usage.

Forty-five billion webinar minutes were annually registered in Zoom marking a rise of 7.145 since the previous quarter. During the pandemic and in the mid of Jan 2020 and April 2020, it has experienced 14 x growth in webinar meeting minutes.

Zoom has 300 million daily active users as it has grown 2900%, and this growth happened within two years during the pandemic. 

Zoom generates $1.021 billion in revenue in the latest quarter, and over the last two years, revenue growth has increased by 600%.

Due to the pandemic, everything has become online, which increased the usage of communication platforms. Zooms business customers were coming from various sources. For schools, business meetings, presentations, and events, Zoom has become the primary source of connectivity. 

As an extension to the zoom platform, the zoom phone was launched in 2019. The number of zoom phone customers with 10+ employees has grown by about 70%.

Overall if you see the statistics of Zoom usage, you will notice its gradual growth in the market, rising to a market cap of more than $75 billion. Tv industries have created episodes from zoom meeting; education has been dependent on zoom meeting for classes and sessions as zoom were the app that offered the plans to upgrade how many people can be on zoom according to the requirement for business zoom meetings has been the leading platform as many businesses started during pandemic communicated through Zoom.


It has become the most used online meeting platform and made its name in the business field by consistently delivering better-quality video even with slow net connections, easy-to-operate quality and affordable subscription plans.

However, we know that pandemic has been one of the reasons which Zoom noticed this immense growth in the marketplace. All we need to observe now is whether it would be able to keep up its place after the pandemic. 

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